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    Junk Mail filter

    I have a user that right clicks on mail that he thinks is spam and sends it to Junk Mail, thereby teaching Outlook, however it does not seem to work. The same mail keeps on coming into his inbox. He uses Outlook 2010, with the GASMO 3.3
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    Deleted Items

    Thanks, another simple question for the same user, created a rule that moves e-mail send to a specific alias directly into a sub folder. The rule works but it takes about 12 hours to do the move. Other rules works quickly.
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    Deleted Items

    "Hi do you have a example of the macro, he is fine moving the files manually"
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    Deleted Items

    I have a client that uses his deleted items as a temporary storage. We moved the company to a new system and the result is that the deleted items will be cleared every 3 months. Is there a way that I can create a folder that if he deletes a mail it would go into this folder and when deleted from...