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    Calendar loops when clicking on calendar link to start it

    I'm running Outlook 2010 on Windows 10 with all current maintenance applied. As of this afternoon the calendar goes into an infinite loop as soon as I click the link to start it. There's a circle in the middle of the display. I searched the web and found no solution.
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    How to prevent addins

    Is there a way to prevent/block new addins from inserting themselves and activating? Every time Evernote installs a new version it adds two addins that I never use. I have to go in and manually delete them.
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    How to uninstall Outlook 2010

    How can I uninstall Outlook 2010 and find and remove all traces of it in the Registry and on my hard disk?
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    Outlook data file cannot be accessed message

    I installed Outlook 2010 on my new Win 10 machine. When I click send/receive I get a message that says "Outlook data file cannot be accessed". I can see my folders in the left pane of Outlook and when I click File/Account Settings/Data Files everything seems OK. What am I missing?