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  1. Cathy Rhone

    Mail merge error message

    When I send a mail merge, I'm receiving an error error message that Outlook is out of resources. I click k and the merge works, but the dialog is annoying. Any ideas? It started about 2 weeks ago. I have all office 365 updates installed.
  2. Cathy Rhone

    The properties of the message have been changed

    Is this bug fixed yet?
  3. Cathy Rhone

    gmail listed multiple times

    I tried adding my gmail account to outlook and it failed. So I tried again. Now I have the gmail address listed 3 times on the left. How do I remove the extra ones? When I try to remove them, the error says they are linked to an account.
  4. Cathy Rhone

    New template: Daily Index Card Calendar Template for CPAO

    Daily Index Card Calendar Template for the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook (CPAO)
  5. Cathy Rhone

    Set a Contact to use a specific account

    I want to be able to mark contacts to always use a specific account in my profile. eg: Set Jim, Bob, and Mary contacts that all new mail to them always uses my gmail account and email to Mark and Carl always go through my exchange account. Mail to family gets sent through a different account.