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  1. skylark53

    Advanced recurrence problem

    I have an event that recurs daily at noon for 5 days at the start of October I want this recurring, 5-day sequence to recur annually on the first 5 days of October. Is this possible?
  2. skylark53

    Loss of default format on deleting signature

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on with this bizarre behaviour? More to the point, how to prevent it? We run Office 2013 under Windows 7 Professional. I have Tahoma 10pt black set up as my default format in Outlook and I use a Tahoma 10pt coloured signature block. This all works fine...
  3. skylark53

    Archive a single Outlook 2013 folder tree

    We want to archive certain Outlook folders only. Earlier this week I set up an autoarchive test on a folder tree. It should have archived everything older than 1 day; I have attached a screenshot of the folder setup. But it did not run. So what is the problem? Does the main autoarchive...
  4. skylark53

    Any way of search multiple mailboxes in Outlook 2013?

    Any way to search multiple mailboxes in Outlook 2013? I work in an office of 3 people. We are on Windows 7 Pro and use Outlook 2013 in some sort of web mode (not sure what it's called). It means that we have to archive our mail monthly to local .ost files in order to keep the online...