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    Slow to receive emails on Outlook 2013

    just curious to know if all the users who do do not receive mail into inbox in outlook 2013 are using wireless internet? i.e. on laptops?
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    calendar contacts export problem

    hi there, just a little stumped on this unusual problem. a customer has created calendar and contacts in a folder in the inbox of outlook 2010; I want to put them back in the right place in the new install of outlook 2013. do I just export the folder and import back to calendar and contacts...
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    create form in appointments pane?

    where can i enlist the help of a developer in this area to do what I need for me?
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    create form in appointments pane?

    i see a lot of potential for use of the appointments window, can someone recommend a book with thinking along these lines?
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    create form in appointments pane?

    I have not yet been able to find a tutorial to create a form in the white space area beneath start and end times in outlook 2007 or 2010 I don't necessarily need to edit existing fields, just utilise the space with text feilds and input fields etc. if anyone can point me in the right...