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    Pivot Table to CSV File - VBA

    Hello all, I am trying to convert a pivot table to a functional csv file. This is what I have so far but keep getting error messages. Any suggestions would be so very appreciated. Thanks! Alexa sub Export_To_Excel_View1 Dim xlApp Dim xlBook Dim xlSheet Set xlApp =...
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    Cannot Figure Out This VBA

    Hello there - I cannot figure out how to use this VBA. It is actually a "ready-to-use" script that I took from offline but I am unsure how to use it as I am a learning, VBA-Novice. Please help me if any of you know... Thank you! Private WithEvents m_Items As Outlook.Items Private Sub...
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    Cannot Figure Out One Thing on VBA

    Hello All! I have been working away on a project and I am at a stopping point and would love help if anyone has insight on this. Here is the current Macro that I have. This will take an appointment and when ran will create an email to remind the client of their appointment including detail...