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  1. nathandavies

    Email Details to Excel & Save as .MSG on one macro - combination of 2 macros

    Hi all, I have a macro at the minute which i have found and changed to suit my needs which saves an email in a file location on my server at work. I have just found another macro which inputs details from an email message into an excel spreadsheet. i was wondering if anyone would be able to help...
  2. nathandavies

    Creating a Select Case for a directory of folders

    I have an 2 issue's with the following code, which i was hoping someone could help me with.... 1. The code only allows me to input the full folder name to save the email on my server, i would like it to use just the number element. This is a general folder name: "13469 - ABB - Project Grange...
  3. nathandavies

    How to save emails to a specific folder on a network automatically using a macro

    I have seen a thread this morning "Save Emails on Hard Drive" which interested me I was wondering if this code can be changed at all to complete the following? 1. When the macro is run a input box appears for a string of text to input the location of the folder on a server. IE Project Number...