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    USA in Business Card View

    I use Outlook 2010 and I like to display my contacts with the Business Card view. Some of my contacts have "United States of America" showing, and some don't. I'd like none of them to show it since it basically clutters the view. I'd remove it from the contact itself but of my 800+ ones maybe...
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    Duplicate Reminders

    I have a problem with getting duplicate reminders for my calendar events in Outlook 2010 32-bit. When this happens, I get the reminder, dismiss it, and then the reminder immediately pops right back, usually after 1 or 2 seconds. When I dismiss it again it goes away. I never get more than 2, and...
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    Duplicate Attachments in Content.Outlook

    This question was posed to me and I did some Google reason and came up empty, so I'm hoping someone here can help. When opening an email that has an attachment, say a jpeg picture, 2 copies are apparently always placed in the Temporary Internet files location in Content.Outlook. One is the base...
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    Changing Contact Notes Font

    I always want my contact notes to use the Segoe UI 10 font. I can set up new contact notes to have that font, but I use Google Apps Sync for Outlook and it always uses Calibri 11 when it updates a contact. Also, whenever I have to recreate a profile, which I recently did, it brings all of my...