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    Form Position with Dual Monitors

    Is there any way to ensure a VBA form appears in the centre the screen that outlook is active in? If I have Outlook running on my primary screen I can use code to centre it on that screen. However if I have Outlook open on my secondary monitor the form is centred based on the combined with of...
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    Outlook Userform Size

    Hello, I previously created a number of different userforms in VB for Outlook and everything was fine. However in the last few months I've noticed that when I open the userforms the displayed size and position of controls, text boxes etc can vary randomly. Has anyone else ever came across this...
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    Populate Listbox from Txt File

    I have a text file that is in the following format (8 values per line) txt1,txt2,txt3 etc txt4,txt5,txt6 etc txt7,txt8,txt9 etc I am trying to populate a listbox with this information but I'm having no success. I was trying to use code similar to the following but keep getting a runtime error...
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    Populate Textbox from Txt File

    I am trying to populate multiple textboxes based on the value on each line in a txt file. Dim fn As String, ff As Integer, txt As String fn = "D:\filemail\settings.txt" '< --- .txt file path txt = Space(FileLen(fn)) ff = FreeFile Open fn For Binary As #ff Get #ff, , txt Close #ff...
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    Read and Write to Text File

    I have created a macro that I use to batch save emails in MSG format to specific folders on a server. At present the folder paths are held in a spreadsheet and displayed on a userform where you can pick which folder to use. I've noticed recently that the macro is running very slowly and I...
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    VBAProject.OTM Not Found

    Hello, I have quite a few macros and userforms etc set up in Outlook. One of the userforms is set to load each time a mail item is added to the sent item folder. This has worked for about a year but at somepoint in the last few months each time I load outlook and send an email that should then...
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    Creating Progress Bar or Status Bar Update

    Good morning, I have an Outlook macro that runs through selected messages saving each in MSG format to a specified folder. Depending on the number of messages selected the macro and can some time to complete. I would like to create a progress bar or status bar update that advises people that the...
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    I have the following code inThisOutlookSession which up until recently was working fine. However I have noticed that it has suddenly stopped triggering UserForm6 despite the condition of UserForm4.TextBox2.Value = "YES" being true. Any ideas why it would stop working? There is no error it simply...
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    Email Subject and Conversation Topic

    I have quite a complicated macro running in Outlook which saves emails. One of the features is to pop up a userform as soon as a outgoing email hits the sent items folder. The user can then choose to save the email to a folder, delete the email or simply leave it in the sent items. If the choose...
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    Populate Excel from Outlook Userform

    I am looking for a way of sending data from a userform in Outlook to an Excel spreadsheet. At present the userform contains three textboxes and I need the data from the text box to pass to three cells in the spreadsheet on the same row e.g. textbox1 to A1 and textbox2 to B1 and textbox3 to C1...
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    Add Hyperlink to Task

    I'm trying to use VBA to add a hyperlink to a file on a server into an Outlook task body but can't get this to work. It seems the .htmlbody which works in messages doesn't work in tasks. Any ideas?
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    Removing illegal characters

    HI, I'm using the code below to remove illegal characters before saving an email in MSG format. At present the illegal characters are either replaced with a hyphen or an underscore. I would like to amend this to simply remove the illegal characters and not substitute e.g. hel&p would become help...
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    Extracting only one recipient from Msgitem.To

    I have a script that saves emails in msg format in a specified filenaming format that includes At present if an email has been sent to multiple 'To' recipients the value of then my filename includes all the To recipients. I would like to change this to only include the first To...
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    Calling one module from another

    I have the code below sitting on a module: Sub MsgSaver(strPath As String, msgItem As Outlook.MailItem, lngCounter As Long, blnMulti As Boolean) Dim intC As Integer Dim intD As Integer Dim strMsgSubj As String Dim strMsgTo As String 'Set name to save message to If...
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    Integrating Outlook and Projectwise

    Does anyone have any experience integrating Outlook with Projectwise? Specifically I'm looking for a way to save emails directly from Outlook in MSG format to a Projectwise folder
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    Open CHM file from VBA Userform

    Is there a way to open a CHM file from within an Outlook userform? I've tried searching on Google but can't seem to find anything that works. Thanks for your help
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    Outlook Macro Causing Excel Error

    I have an Outlook userform that displays data retrieved from an Excel spreadsheet. The userform uses the following code to pull and display the data: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Me.Top = Application.ActiveWindow.Top Me.Left = Application.ActiveWindow.Left Dim xlApp As Object Dim...
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    Problems Opening Excel from Outlook

    I am trying to open an Excel spreadsheet from within Outlook using the code below. It works perfectly if Excel is already running. If Excel is not already open it seems to open Excel (as it appears in task manager) but doesn't open the spreadsheet. Any ideas? Dim xl As Object Dim xls As...
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    Macro Not Executing

    I am using Items_ItemAdd(byVal Item As Object) to monitor the sent items folder and when a new item is added a userform loads. The userform has several buttons each with their own macro attached. One of the macros selects the item that has been added to the sent items folder and then saves it in...
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    Create a splash screen

    Is it possible to create a splash screen that is displayed when Outlook 2013 starts up? I don't want to replace the application splash screen but would like my own to be displayed. Essentially I want to be able to display a userform when outlook starts and the splashscreen would then close after...