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    How to switch back from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2007?

    This might sound odd but a friend wants to transfer her mail account from an old W7 laptop running Office 2010 to another W7 laptop running Office 2007. I've installed Outlook 2007 on her newer laptop and now we need to get her old 2010 PST to work on that machine. Advice please.
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    Outlook 2003 - Do I need a new profile?

    My profile seems to be corrupt. Not disastrously so, just enough to be occasionally annoying. For example, my mail password isn't always remembered. Mail copies aren't saved to my pop3 server, even though the option is checked. Archiving doesn't work either. I'd like to keep my current PST file...
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    Macros in Word 2003 - how to transfer to another Word 2003?

    There's plenty of online info about transferring Templates that include macros from one PC to another, but that's not what I want. On computer 'X' my Word 2003 has a whole bunch of embedded (and useful) macros. On computer 'Y' my Word 2003 has a quite different that I don't want to...
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    Outlook 2003 - possible to recreate corrupt account?

    Hi all. My W7\Outlook 2003 mail system is misbehaving. When I log in it'll ask me for a password 5 or 6 times before it finally accepts my entry and sends\receives messages. (The mail server website has no such idiosyncrasies and logs me in instantly.) I thought it was an ISP mail server...
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    How to delete email addresses from auto-complete list?

    I hope the title makes sense. What happened was this: A friend asked me how to delete email addresses in Outlook 2003. I replied that it was easy, thinking that he just wanted to remove addresses from his address book or Contacts page. But when he showed me HOW he was...
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    Outlook 2002 - How to upgrade to 2003 and convert PST from ANSI to Unicode?

    This seems to be an issue that concerns many users.It also seems to be hard to get accurate (and simple) advice on the best way to do it.Hopefully, I've come to the right place now :-)A friend has a working instalation of Outlook 2002.Her PST has grown to be 1.7G.I'm aware that if the PST...