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    I posted earlier this week about recipient getting multiple copies of an email I sent. I haven't gotten an answer. I think there is a problem with the outbox because now most messages I send get stuck there and keep trying to send. How can I fix this?
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    Recipient of a forwared message getting multiple emails

    Why would one recipient get as many as 18 copies of something I forwarded and the rest get only one copy?
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    Email Trust Add-ons

    I use Kaspersky antivirus but when it scans my email it takes for ever and sometimes cause it to lockup. I know someone here told me how to disable this. When I click disable I get the message "I need administrative permission". No one else uses my computer. How do I get around this? My account...
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    In Box Empty

    This is about Outlook 2007. Windows 7. When my husband opened outlook this morning his In Box was empty. Everything from yesterday has disappeared! The only thing I can find is archived inbox from 2011 and before. :mad:Paula
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    Outlook Not Responding Message

    I keep getting a message "Not Responding" when I click on a message to read or delete while messages are downloading; it locks up and won't respond. I am sure I was able to do that in the past.