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    Edit subject - and change conversationTopic - using VBA and redemption

    Hi all: My organization has started prepending "[EXTERNAL EMAIL]" to subject lines. Some of the people I correspond with are frustrated by this, especially when replies end up with multiple copies of that string. My goal is to remove that text (at least for certain people). Using (very...
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    Prevent connection to Public Folders on Exchange?

    I would like to avoid trying to connect to public folders in my Outlook 365 (Version 1809, Build 1082.80181 Click-to-run). I saw a way to do this in older setups, which involved creating a 0-valued HasPublicFolders key in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Setup"...
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    Create message from .msg file

    Hi all, I am a relatively novice visual basic coder, but usually can cobble solutions together. I apologize if I overlooked something obvious related to the following question: I would like to be able to turn a .msg file into an outlook message. In the GUI, I can do this easily; if I forward...