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    Message Count not updating

    I have several email accounts so I set up a few favorites to keep track of my most used daily items. However although my emails download fine the message count total does not update unless I manually click on the favorites folder. This means that I don't know that a batch of emails have...
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    Email image problems

    I have Outlook 2010 and normally when I open a received email I can choose to "Add to safe senders list" so that next time the images from that sender is automatically downloaded. Or if I just want to see the images of just that email I can right click and select "Download Images" I have...
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    crash during account setup - can't delete corrupted account/data file

    I have several IMAP accounts setup and just had to create the final account when outlook 2010 froze/crashed. I reopened outlook and there was an account in the left panel titled " - Outlook 2010" I always just leave the name as the email address so it should have been that but the crash...