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    Cannot print Contacts

    I'm using W10, Office 365, 64 bit. For some reason, when I try to print any of my contacts, I get the error below. I made no changes to Outlook prior to this happening. I am using the Memo Style for printing. I am up to date, I did a full repair for Outlook, I ran SCAN PST and still no change...
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    Navigation Pane Location And Options

    I have W10, Outlook 365, 64 Bit, Latest version. Unless this is called something else that I am missing, the Navigation Pane is now located in the top left. It also has links to other Office programs that are not in the Navigation Pane options. See images below. I used this pane often but like...
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    Unable to change Message Class

    I am using the following code to change my Message Class in the current folder. It works, but some of my older contacts the Message Class does not change. There is no error, or message, it just doesn't update. These are probably contacts I created many years ago in older versions of Outlook. One...
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    Changing Message Class

    I'm using Outlook 365, W10, not using Exchange. For below, it uses the the default contacts folder (using the name of my form) to change the message class in the defaults contact folder. How can I update this to select a different contacts folder that is not the default contacts folder to...
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    Custom Field Cannot Be Displayed In Views

    I have Office 365 (up to date). I am using my Contact folder with a local PST file on my computer. I have a custom form with multiple custom fields. Using the control toolbox I added a combo box using the Microsoft Forms 2.0 control. I then added a new text field with the possible values...
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    Show Total Number Of Items Not Displaying

    I have Outlook 365 Business In one of my local PST files (not my default data file), "Contacts" folder, I have set the properties to "Show total number of items" but the number does not appear. If I select "Show number of unread items", Apply, and then select "Show total number of items"...
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    Bullets Being Changed to Rectangles

    I recently updated to Office 2016 from 2010. In both Word and Outlook, my bullets are not displaying correctly. They are showing up as rectangles. I did not change any of my fonts, add fonts, edit fonts, etc. All I did was upgrade. The bullet is using the Symbol font which I'm assuming just like...
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    Emails Configured As HTML But Sent As Plain Text

    I have Outlook 2016. I generate all my emails in HTML. At times when I send my email it sends it as plain text (at least when I review the email in my Sent folder). I'm sending all my emails through my Gmail account. I wish I could say when and why it happens, but I cannot. For example, I sent...
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    Sync Issues With My Gmail Account

    I'm using Outlook 2016. My default email account is a GMAIL account IMAP. I can send and receive emails. I cannot get the IMAP "All Mail" to be seen in my Gmail folder in Outlook, so I created an "All Mail" folder (Mail and Post Items) under my Gmail folder. I have looked at multiple topics...
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    My Draft Emails Have Review Tracking

    I have Outlook 2016. I'm not sure how or why, but at times when I edit a draft there is review tracking turned on. I don't know why it happens one time but not another. I cannot find an option to turn review tracking off. Does such an option exist in Outlook 2016? Shawn
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    Views ans Where Settings AreSavd

    Sorry about the typos in the heading. I could not see how to edit the heading text after I published the entry. I'm using Outlook 2016. I have multiple PST files with multiple views. I understand views in "All Mail and Post Folders" cannot be shard between "All IMAP Folders", so I created...
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    Email Format With Embedded Images and Tables Change

    Using Outlook 2016. I sent a few emails one with pictures embedded in the email and the other with a simple table (2x3) embedded. I saved the email and then looked at them this morning. With the one email, instead of the attachments being embedded, they were attached. The other email the table...
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    Editing Tasks in Outlook 2016

    I have Outlook 2016 (via Office 365). I have a local PST file where I keep my data, emails. scheduler, etc. This is my default data file. I am using Gmail to receive and send my emails. This is my default email. Basically in my Gmail folders I do not keep any data. It is just a means (bridge)...
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    Reminder Dialog Open Button

    I just updated to Outlook 2016 (using Office 365). I use reminders quite a bit. When the reminder dialog opened, I do not see the "Open" button. I can right click to open an item, but no button. Where did the open button go?
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    Dragging Files In Outlook 2016

    I have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and just moved from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016 (via Office 365). In Outlook 2010 I was able to drag files from notes in my contacts and tasks to a folder on my computer. Now this capability no longer exists. I can still drag files into the notes (for...
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    Importing Ribbons Not Saved

    I was using Outlook 2010 and just moved to Outlook 2016 (using Office 365). In both versions, I created custom ribbons for my contacts, tasks, editing emails, reading emails, opening screen and tasks. I exported the ribbons to a file so I can have them for future use. In both 2010 and 2016 the...
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    Outlook 2010 Cannot Open Attachments

    June 14, 2017 I have Outlook 2010 In my registry, I have setup to use Level1Remove so I can open attachments. All has been working OK with opening attachments. Windows just updated Outlook with many updates and now I cannot open any attachments. I now see one of these dialogs when I try to...
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    Creating Email - Selecting Pre-Defined Text

    I'm using Outlook 2010. When sending new emails, does such a tool exist where when in the subject field I can click something (button) / maybe right click and select from a pre-entered list of subjects to use? Thank you. Shawn
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    Displaying the Remind Beforehand Value in Calendar List View

    I'm using O2010. Creating Views with the calendar. In some items, I have a reminder set to go off beforehand and I can set the time to 10 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This value (I think) is in the "Remind Beforehand" field. When this field is displayed in the calendar List View, instead of...
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    Advanced Find text field limits

    I'm using Outlook 2010. In Advanced Find, there is a character limit of 255 characters (with spaces) in the email and country field. I'm not sure if its different per field or not. Is there a way to increase the limit? Shawn