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    Remove GMAIL IMAP account from Outlook 2016

    Hi I have an Microsoft outlook 2016 which I use it for my gmail imap account (only one email account setup on the outlook),,,,,I have problem with gmail account and I am looking to remove/ delete this account from the outlook and reinstall it again. How can I do that ? I tried Control Panel-->...
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    Outlook 365 delete reminder you can’t make change to contents of this-read only folder

    Dear folk I have Outlook 365 which is configured to connect to my work email I created a reminder now I want to delete but I am getting this message : you can’t make change to contents of this-read only folder Thx
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    Outlook for G Suite emails showing wrong dates

    Dear folk I migrated POP3 emails from outlook 2016 to G Suite (Gmail for business) server by using their dedicated utility ,,,,migration done successfully. Then I set up a new IMAP G suite account on outlook,,,,all emails got downloaded from the google server Issue are subfolders view left...
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    Outlook 2013 Gmail IMPA emails not showing dates only showing times

    Dear Experts Recently I have migrated from POP3 to IMAP (G suite) for business Initially I created backup for POP3 , default name : "backup.pst" Then used utility called "G suite migration for outlook" that uploads all sub-folders including emails from POP3 (backup.pst) to the Gmail server...
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    Outlook opens minimized, won't maximize Dear Experts I have windows 7 with outlook 2010 installed. When I try to open outlook, it goes directly to minimized at the...
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    Outlook 2010 client to Exchange ,,,,search not working proparly

    Dear Experts I have got windows 7-64 bit with outlook 2010 retrieving my work email ( exchange) Recently I realized when I search outlook sent folder nothing get displayed. Initially problem was with " Search Tools --> Indexing status ". I followed the instruction in the ink below ...
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    Copy Outlook 2007 "AutoComplete Contacts” to Outlook 2010

    Copy Outlook 2007 "AutoComplete Contacts to Outlook 2010 Dear Experts I tried to export AutoComplete Contacts from an old PC that has windows XP / Outlook 2007 to a new PC that has windows 7 / outlook 2010, but it seems I couldn't get it work. I followed instructions in the links...
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    Outlook 2007 move folders from one computer to another

    Hi Experts I have a desktop A XP and outlook 2007 , has one email account named,,,,,,,,,,I made up this name,,,,,,,this email has couple folders created by its user Another desktop B has already three emails accounts,, and...
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    Move outlook 2010 profile from one computer to another

    Hi Experts I have upgraded my old laptop that has windows 7 ultimate and outlook 2010 used for work domain (IMAP not POP3) ,,,,,I backuped the outlook profile from this location below : C:\Users\nelson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook Then I copied the backup to a new laptop that has...
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    All of a sudden Microsoft outlook 2007 lost its profile

    Dear Experts Today I was fixing networking issue for one of my client (router and a parallel HP printer). He is using a desktop with windows XP professional SP3 During my work on his computer I used two softwares which are CClenaer (tune up his computer browser ) and Kyocera Printer...
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    Outlook 2003 file has reached it's maximum size

    Dear Experts With the outlook 2003 not 2002 (limit to 2 GB) I have been experiencing this problem Then I renamed the old profile to Outlook_OLD.pst then created a new profile called outlook.pst ,,,,,and move all folders from Outlook_OLD.pst to Outlook.pst Then I uninstalled Office 2003...