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    Outlook 2010, Need to restrict domain users from installing any sort of a addin in outlook

    Hi Diane, I would like to know is there a way we can restrict the domain users from installing any sort of addins (this gets installed when they download any programs like VSTO) in outlook or may be in the computer itself? I see that this option is available in Outlook 2013 but would like...
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    Outllok 2010 (14.0.7015.1000 (32bit) converts html mail to rich text when move

    Scenario ---------------- In Inbox I Have a email (html format) with a picture pasted in the body of the email as 'picture' (so the attachment is not a paper clip). When this email is moved to a pst (dragged and dropped), the mail gets converted to Rich text format and the picture...
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    Defer email delivery - but when force sent using F9

    Hi Diane, I have creates a rule to defer emal delivery by 5 mints for all the emails that I sent. But when press 'F9', will it force the mails to be sent from Outbox? Can this setup be made?
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    Outlook 2010, two exchange mailboxes configured.Unable to see 2ndrymeeting req

    Hi Diane, I am happy to write to you about my doubt. Eagerly waiting to hear back from you. This is my first question in any forums. I have configured 2 exchange mailboxes in 2010 (connect using https way). I can see the calendar items in the right portion of outlook (To Do Bar), but of...