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    How to get the Items object of the default mailbox of a specific account in a multiple account Outlook?

    My Outlook has multiple accounts. How do I get the Items object of a specific account? For example, assume that there are three account,, and Further, assume that Items object that corresponds to the Inbox for is needed. What...
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    Auto display of new email does not work on non-default account

    Because I tend to not notice new email notifications I developed a VBA macro that automatically displays newly arrived email. This works great for the default account but doesn't seem to work for a non-default account. Let me explain. I use my personal Outlook for both my own email and also for...
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    2 email accounts, only 1 gets signatures added on new email.

    My personal Outlook 2013 has 2 email accounts (MSN and Google) with the default being MSN. When responding to a Google email Outlook does not automatically add a signature line to the reply whereas the MSN email does. How can I tell Outlook to automatically append a signature to the second...