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    "All folders are up to date." vs "This folder is up to date."

    I have two computers here set up identically. Both are Outlook 2010 connected to the same exchange server in exactly the same way - with cached mode. They are using different accounts. One account's OST is about 1.2gigs. One is about 1.7gigs. The first computer reports "All folders are up to...
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    Problems when using different profiles. Exchange+IMAP

    Hi all, On my first profile is my main account, which uses an external exchange server, it is not directly connected to our network - meaning I have to enter my credentials every time I launch Outlook. On my second profile is an IMAP account, nothing else. Whenever I launch my 2nd...
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    Click "A" to see all email from people with names starting with A... etc

    I have a user here who used to have their emails grouped alphabetically by the "From" field. It also used to have them all collapsed alphabetically, so he could just click "A" would expand & show email from everyone with names starting with "A". Clicking "B" would should expand & show email from...