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    Help sending email but removing signature via VBA

    I have my primary email and then I can send from another (Alt email), but that alt email is not an account that is added to my outlook, but I can send/receive from it. Hope that makes sense. Since the alt email account is not added, then I can't set it to have a default signature. Therefore I...
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    Breaking lines, expected end of statement

    strBody = "<p style='font-family:calibri;font-size:14.5'><br><br><br><br>paragraph goes here. Next paragraph goes here</p>" I want to break and have a new paragraph before "Next" and I want to break that code so it splits into two lines. How do I do that?
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    Setting flag follow up for next business day

    I want to be able to run this macro and instead of just flagging the follow up for the next day, I would like it to set it for the next business day. Can anyone help? Sub ForwardFlag() Call ForwardAttachment Call Set_FollowUp End Sub Sub ForwardAttachment() Dim MyItem As Object...