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  1. kburrows

    Reset Date to Keep Tasks from Archiving

    Is there a better way than creating a new retention policy in Microsoft 365 to keep Tasks from archiving? Creating a retention policy as per Microsoft recommendation requires manually setting archive/retention for each folder and any future new folders. I also get complaints that users can't...
  2. kburrows

    Outlook Temporary File

    Fairly regularly, Outlook will reset its temporary folder and all my emails will have placeholders for the images in my emails (the linked image cannot be displayed...). It has started happening more regularly, so I decided I would trick Outlook and create a new folder and point the temp files...
  3. kburrows

    Office 365 - Contacts Sort First, Last instead of Last, First. How to Reset?

    My Office 365 account did something strange yesterday. My contacts have always sorted Last Name, First Name. I was looking up a contact and realized it was now sorting First Name, Last Name. In the contact view, the File As now shows First Last on all contacts. If I create a new contact, it...
  4. kburrows

    Smartphones, Outlook and Rules

    I miss my Windows 6.5 phone. I could use rules for my emails and the phone would show me unread messages in those folders. I also like the fact that I could filter out folders I didn't need to see and only have those main folders where rules where applied showing up in my mobile email. I have...
  5. kburrows

    Outlook 2013 - Inline Editing of Contacts

    Using the Address Card view, how can I edit a contact (or copy/paste info) directly in the address card? I find I have to now open the contact to be able to edit or copy/paste info. Thanks!
  6. kburrows

    Outlook 2013 - Removed Social Connector, LinkedIn and Messenger Reappear

    I upgraded to 2013 about a month ago. In the initial setup, I added my LinkedIn, Facebook and Messenger accounts linking them to my Office Account. I then realized it was creating multiple contacts on my iPhone and that my default picture and the pictures of other contacts kept changing...