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    Imap PC Outlook + Android phone

    Greetings to all! In Czech version of Outlook 2010 saves sent mails in folder "Odeslana posta" , Android phone saves emails in the "Odeslane zpravy" but de facto in the "Sent" folder. On Android, I can't force my mobile to store emails in another folder (except maybe AquaMail). As a result...
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    Other Shared Calendar on Outlook cannot change items

    Hi All, i have problem after Microsoft upgrade accounts to new ... Before with Hotmail Connector everything working perfectly. Now with Exchange Active Sync connection on Outlook 2010 i have problem with permission. I can change items on other shared calendar by web access on...
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    BCM hide subfolders

    Hello, I test BCM on LAN (database SQLExpress placed on server) and want ask if anyone has tried change database items directly on SQL server for delete or hide subfolders (Sales, Marketing, etc.). I read that program can not do it, but question is if it is possible "in another way". I would use...
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    Outlook 2010 - sending pdf about 8 MB problem

    Hi ! please i have problem on one computer in our LAN ... When i send email with PDF about 8 MB i receive 34 MB email with text (example "Thread-Index: AQKNJydFxJE4pBriiuIWmKbzqTsNSpbCT8rQgAAE/eCAAClq4IAACddggAGHcCCACtPz0IAGqzTQ Content-Language: cs This is a multipart message in MIME...