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    Office 365 - Online Repair vs. Uninstall Reinstall

    Hello Outlook Forum - Continuing issues with Outlook 2016 365, does anyone know if Online Repair (add / remove, modify) is the same as Uninstall / Reinstall Office? Thanks, John
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    Outlook 2016 message content does not display -; exchange

    Hello Outlook Forums - Helping a friend with his Outlook 2016 issue. Outlook 2016,, Microsoft Exchange, Windows 10 desktop computer. Everything worked properly until just recently. Now, when we open Outlook 2016, the inbox shows his email list and the view message (on the side)...
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    Change POP account to Forwarder - What happens in Outlook?

    When I change a POP email account in to just a forwarder sending to an account with another ISP, what happens to the original/saved messages and files in Outlook 2016? What settings changes should I make to keep the messages and files for the original account intact after that...
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    Contacts 2016 Web page address content lost after updates

    Helping a friend who recently updated to 2016 from 2013 Outlook (365) along with installing the Windows 10 'Anniversary' update. His business contacts records are now all missing the 'Web page address' field content, possibly other information. Can this data be retrieved? He has recent backups...
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    Will BCC messages still deliver if TO address fails Outlook 2013

    Hello Outlook Forums - Sent a message with approx. 15 addresses in BCC and a TO address I thought was active. The TO address is no longer active, will the BCC recipients still receive the message? Don't want to send a duplicate unless I have to. Thank you, John Office 365 Outlook 2013 Windows...
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    Please help to clarify an IMAP issue

    This is a follow up to help already received from Diane Poremsky - I do computing work for a living here in San Diego, but haven't had much experience with IMAP. Purchased a 10-account IMAP package with the express intention of replacing a single Hosted Exchange account and helping several...
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    Outlook 2013 - changed an account from POP3 to IMAP, POP3 'Phantom' appears

    Hello - Wanted to sync all folders using Outlook 2013 on 2 laptops, so changed from POP3 to IMAP. * Purchased a 10-inbox IMAP package from ISP * Changed the email account settings from POP3 plan to new IMAP plan on ISPs website * waited 'til changes activated * In Outlook 2013 on...