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    Outlook and

    Hi, At the moment I have 3 email addresses which all arrive in Office Outlook, and are accessible via different webmail and my phone, tablet etc, however it's becoming a bit of a pain managing them, especially when I send email - I can't remember where I sent it from - was it Outlook? Was it...
  2. J

    Want to 'modernise'(?) my email setup using Outlook. Any advice?

    For about 10 years now I've been using my email in the following way: I've got three main email addresses I use - one associated with a long since unused ISP but have kind of become dependent on for general personal stuff, one a free yahoo email address I use for things that might get spammy...
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    Can't Increase Outlook 2007 PST size

    Outlook is not letting me receive new emails as my PST size is getting close to 2GB, which is odd as it's 2007 which I thought had increased the limit. Could be that the PST dates way way back to Office 1997 times - but I'm struggling to increase the size. Googling about found me a registry...