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    Inserting Additional Email Address

    This is a two part question, firstly I've setup some buttons on a ribbon in which I can insert the e-mail addresses I want to use, some will have more than one e-mail recipient. However, what ever is already in the cc box is over written, with the e-mail address that is being pressed. With...
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    Forwarding E-Mail

    I receive lots of e-mails with attachments, I need to forward these e-mails on but before I do so, I need to remove the attachment (there is usually only one) and below the body of the e-mail where the From, Sent, To and subject I need to enter a message which includes the name of the file...
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    Adding A Macro To Message Ribbon

    I've created a number od macro's that will allow me to enter text into the body of an e-mail. Is it possible to set the macro's up so that they can be shown on the ribbon of both a new email and a forwarded e-mail? So far I can show them on the main outlook page, but when looking at the ribbon...