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  1. icacream

    Outlook 2016 “Enter your user name and password for the following server.”

    My Outlook 2016 is playing up ! I received mails until 5pm yesterday, opened Outlook again 3 hours later and got the window : “Enter your user name and password for the following server.” Correct user name and password were already filled in, of course File > accounts settings >...
  2. icacream

    Enter your user name and password for the following server.

    hello, these dialog boxes for both pop and poped up this morning and I can't get rid of them I receive gmail on both my phone and outlook 2016 on my PC (win10 64bits), this has been going on for many years without any problem I turned off the phone, but this does not help outlook is...
  3. icacream

    content in this message could not be downloaded....

    hello, for a couple of days now I cannot download some of the content (pictures and so on) in outlook the mails come in fine, links in the mails work perfectly but instead of "click here to download content" I get : "Some of the content in this message could not be downloaded because you're...
  4. icacream

    Can't the Deleted Items Folder be self cleaning ?

    hello, in outlook 2007 I had set the deleted items folder to be cleaned each time I closed the program that was fine I could not find a way to do this in outlook 2016 so I tried to have mails not stay over one day in that folder : but this just does not work : today is March 26th and I still...
  5. icacream

    Rule based on sender / wrong sender sent to folder

    hello, I created a number of rules based on senders, I have 40 so far, I counted them because I just reviewed each of them. The reason I reviewed them is that, in the folder for SENDER A came two unrelated mails, from SENDER B and SENDER C As yet, I have created no rules for B or C I wonder if...
  6. icacream

    outlook keeps neither SENT or FORWARDED messages... they vanish !

    hello, none of the messages I send can be found anywhere not in the sent items not in the original folder when I forward or reply... I just can't figure out what to do o_O
  7. icacream

    From Outlook 2007 to 2016 !

    hello, I just installed OUTLOOK 2016 on win10 catastrophic : it picked up all my folders and structure from gmail as well as old messages I kept on gmail but not on my PC with outlook 2007 now I have been having my own structure on outlook 2007 and never really took care of the one on gmail...
  8. icacream

    outlook 2007 installation file....

    hello, I had a boxed MS Office 2007 and was only using outlook. now I am re-installing after a crash, but I cannot find the dvd though I do have the licence number. I found a post from March 2013 where you gave a link to the file, but the link does not work anymore. do you know whether I can...
  9. icacream

    reinstall outlook after new install win7

    hello, I have a bug in Win7 and must reinstall :( how should I remove outlook to be sure to be able to use the same licence number at re-install ? I'm using outlook 2007 and nothing else of the office suite is installed (using corel WP) thanks !
  10. icacream

    I just need to copy my address book to my new laptop !

    hello, I do not seem to find a way to export my address book from outlook pro plus 2010 so as to transfer it to my new laptop both machines run win7 and I want to import the address book into outlook pro plus 2010 thanks for your help ! icacream
  11. icacream

    errors have been detected... outlook.pst

    hello I think I am in DEEP trouble ! this is outlook 2007, and it will not open I get this daunting message : Cannot open your default e-mail folders. Errors have been detected in the C:\Users\---\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail-enabled...
  12. icacream

    outlook 2007 - how do I stop spacing when I hit return ?

    hello, this is a new and most unwelcome occurrence for a few days (and I had touched NOTHING in the settings), when I hit return while writing a mail, outlook leaves an empty line WHICH I DO NOT WANT:( I have always hit return twice when I want to end a paragraph, that's fine with me...
  13. icacream

    Stopping Outlook to resize photos...

    hello how can I stop, once and for all, outlook to reduce the size of the photos I insert in my mails ? am using outlook 2007 ty ica :)