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    Flag Completion

    I use flags on a regular basis as well have several rules set up for different contacts. The issue I have is when I receive an e-mail from one of my contacts that I have a separate folder set up for and then flag the e-mail for follow up and when I click completed it drops it into the General In...
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    Outlook 2010 Mobile Contacts

    I just moved to a new note book and when reloaded Outlook 2010 I now have two Contact Folders when I go to send an e-mail click on To: The contact that I am looking for is not present but when I click on Select names dialogue box there is drop down arrow that lists my primary e-mail account then...
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    ADD-IN Ribbon Missing

    I have add-in that I have downloaded from our connference calling service however; it does not show in the Ribbon is there a way to get it to dispaly? It use to do so until I needed to reinstall Outlook now it does not. I download the program fine and it appears to install but it does not display?
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    Save Attachement from outlook

    This may be a petty question but everytime I same an excel file it always saves it as a copy. Is there any way to save it as the actual file name opposed to having to delete the copy portion of the file name? I am using Win7 OL2010 64bit. Any help would be greatly appreicated.
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    ADD-IN Ribbon Missing

    I had to reformat my notebook and reinstall Outlook 2010 64bit. Install went fine but I had a couple of utility add-ins installed for conference calling, I had to re-download the plug-in and that works fine but the add-in does not show up in Outlook 10. It did before I did the reinstall. Any...