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    Lost Custom Forms when we replaced Exchange Server

    Our office had some custom forms that we used constantly and then IT replaced our exchange server. Now we have no more forms but the server is still in the office but disconnected. What type of files and where on exchange server would we find these custom forms. Any ideas?
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    URL's don't work in .oft file

    We have some emails saved as "oft files" with URL's within these emails that don't work. Any idea why? When I cut and past the URL into Internet Explorer they work fine and are accurate.
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    Custom Contact form not working in Outlook 2003

    I've created a custom contact form and it works fine on my desk created in Outlook 2010. I have another user that said it worked but they would open. She has Outlook 2003. Our IT dept said the older version was the problem. We use Exchange server. Is the only solution upgrading that desk to...
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    Email workflow

    Is there a way in Outlook to set up workflows? Our insurance agency sends emails to policyholders if they are being cancelled for non-payment. The canned email .oft templates include the cancel date. After the first friendly email we then send a 2nd request and finally a policy lapsed letter...
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    Date options on Customized Contact form

    I had posted a question on 8/8 with no response. I thought I'd try again. I have created a custom contact form in outlook and added a field called insurance policy expiration which we track. The month and day are important but not the year. In other words I wants to sort 8/12/13 & 8/12/12 and...
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    Custom Outlook Contact form

    I have created a custom form in Outlook using a contact template and added a date field but only want it to show "day and Month" without year. Is there a way to do this? I saw a format that was "Wed 8/8" for August 8th but I want to sort the column by month and day only and disregard the year.