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    Any updates or fixes that would make this code stop working just moving emails to another folder

    Excel vba Outlook 2010 vba I have the follwoing code coming from Excel with some parameters being used. Just simply trying to move some emails from one folder in a profile to another folder in another profile. It stopped working : Dim objOutlook As Outlook.Application Dim objNamespace As...
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    Disable or hide "reply" and "reply to all" and "forward" in email from access vba

    I have created an email in Access vba. Are there methods to Disable or hide "reply" and "reply to all" and "forward" in email from access vba..? Thanks David Powell
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    Custom form with html hyperlink

    Outllok 2010 Since the security patch kills my vbscript and i cant get my company to remove it. Is there a way to put a html hyperlink to a certain webpage directly on the Custom form ? Thanks david powell
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    Security patch seems to kill vbscript on Enterprise Level

    Diane, The security patch(s)(KB3203467, KB4011196), OFFICE 2010, on vbscript behind outlook custom forms, seems like a killer for any application in place. with out the"hack" fixes"Unistalling", "Manual Registry Fixes"... Is microsoft truly aware of what this is doing ? Maybe i'm being a...
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    Add Tetxbox at form open

    I have a custom form and trying to create a textbox on the message page at open.. Sub Item_Open() ' Sets the name of page on the form (P.2) Set MyFormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message") Set MyControl = MyFormPage.Controls.Add("Forms.TextBox.4") MyControl.Left = 20...
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    populating listbox on custom form from Access

    Outlook 2010 Access 2010 vba I have a custom form that contains a Listbox and i need to fill it from access vba code: rsArray = rst.GetRows Set lstDetailData = objItem.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("DsmEmail").Controls("lstDetailData") lstDetailData.List = rsArray This is not working...
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    Keep Original html body when forwarding an email

    This code is wiping out my original mail with text and html I want to retain the original message and just add something at the top ? add this : "This is Rejected" Sub CommandButton6_click() ChangeSubjectForward Item End sub Sub ChangeSubjectForward(Item) Item.Subject = "Test" Set...
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    Command Button code will not execute. Any suggestions Please.

    I have a custom form, and a simple command button and trying to test out the vbScript? Sub CommandButton1_Click MsgBox "Hello World" End Sub and it will not work, even after publishing to "Organization Forms Library" I double-checked to make sure it was not a "One Off" form also. Thanks...
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    Custom Form Accept and Reject Command buttons

    Outlook 2010 Custom Form: I have a custom form and I placed 2 command buttons in the "Message" tab. "Approve" and "Reject" On The "Actions" tab for "Forward". I would like to forward the custom form with original text ? via vbScript ? Is this possible, and example code please. Thanks dave
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    create an html table in outlook custom form 2010 using vba in MsAccess

    Outlook 2010 access 2010 I have in the past opened a "outlook custom form" from Access. and fill fields on the custom form with data. What I need:. Is it possible to create an HTML table on that Outlook custom form from Access? I know how to create html table from access and load the data on...
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    Creating an outlook session from Access vba but run silently. With A specific profile

    I'm trying to send emails create a rule and then delete a rule all from within Access 2010 vba. It all works fine as long as I'm logged into a specific profile in Outlook. Problem: Users may already have Outllok open to s different profile ! The user does not need to be aware of the profile i...
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    Close Oulook after sending emails via vba without outbox getting stuck.

    I have vba code that sends emails. does just fine. Then i want to quit Outlook. Application.Quit Until in my code I want to close outlook after sending them. I used this bit of code to rush and execute the send/receive, thinking it would force the outbox stuff to send. but I keep getting the...
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    Change sender name outlook vba 2010 Custom Userform

    I have a snippet code to send a "Custom Form"(Organization Forms Library). I want to change the "From" to NOT display my name but something like "Sales Support". I cant use "sendonbehalfof"- read only property I cant use a delegate. Really limited on what to do ? Dim strForm As String Dim...