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  1. Aussie

    Rules Run a Script on an Incoming Email OK and then the Email reverts

    Hi all. I am looking for an idea/direction on how to correct a bug in my Outlook rule operation. The rule operation is intermittent … but usually fails nowadays. The rule has been running reliably for years. I run a rule after messages arrive, that checks the subject, and if it matches, the...
  2. Aussie

    I Change the Subject Line ... but after it is moved the subject has reverted

    All, I did scour the forum ... and other forums prior to posting … no joy. I am using Widows 10 64b, and Office 365, Outlook 64b, on my desktop which is connected via ActiveSync to "Microsoft". I can change the subject lines on email in the Inbox and save the mail ... no problem there. For...
  3. Aussie

    Looking for Outlook macro to Copy Recipient Names into Email Body

    All, Nice forum ... I am somewhat a newbie ... and I like writing VBA :) I searched but could not find any VBA to allow me to Copy an email's Recipient Names into the introductory line of the Email Body. So, for example, when I have added email addresses to the "To:" line: To...