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    In Contacts Phone List View, allow alpha jump w/single key, same as Card views

    One of my Contact folders is easiest to use in the Phone List view, sorted by Company Name. In the Phone List view, want to press an alpha key that makes the view jump to the names beginning with the letter of the key pressed. This is the standard behavior of all three of the standard Card...
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    Recommend add-on or utility enabling quick Google search within Outlook

    Title says it all: In Outlook (or any app for that matter) would like the ability to highlight text then right-click (or press a new toolbar button?) to search the web for the highlighted text preferably via Google. Nothing fancy, just a spiffy way to QUICKLY do web searches within Outlook and...
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    Outlook 2007 message search results loses focus

    :confused: Using Outlook 2007 fully patched/updated. When browsing message search results, with the Reading Pane on (at bottom), the program loses focus. This behavior is repeatable. The search has completed. Upon selecting a message in the search results [highlighting the selected...
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    OL 2007 problem - sudden large increase in message size

    Using Outlook 2007, up to date, for personal use, not business or Exchange. Suddenly there is a huge increase in message size; these are ordinary, brief, HTML messages with NO attachments or inline images. Previously they have been under 10k. Now they are hundreds of kilobytes, as is shown in...