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  1. Sarge USMC

    Outlook 13 not displaying POP inbound emails

    Pop acct is setup to leave a copy of messages on the server, and Gmail is sucking emails off the server to display them on the mobile device, but Outlook is not showing them. Account settings are correct...test emails are going to the mobile device. Outbound emails from Outlook are passing...
  2. Sarge USMC

    Cannot import/export Outlook 13

    When trying to import to or export from Outlook 13, it tells me failed...messaging interfaces have returned unknown error.....halp!
  3. Sarge USMC

    how do I enable hyperlinks in Outlook 2013

    Click a link and it tells me organization policies won't allow it......
  4. Sarge USMC

    Contacts and the way they're listed - 03 vs 13

    HALP! I knew this was gonna happen......How do I setup my contacts to display the way they were displayed in Outlook 03? I had a field entitled "File As" and that's how they were listed. Now all these "people" are listed here and there doesn't seem to be any method to the madness!
  5. Sarge USMC

    Outlook 13 inbox not showing emails

    This is a new setup here on a Win7 HP machine, 6G ram, 2G processor. I have the POP account setup, and I can send emails. It does indicate new emails as they come in, playing the sound and showing the desktop notification...... it just doesn't show them to me in the inbox.
  6. Sarge USMC

    troubleshooting slow startup

    I'm banging my head on the wall…I've got a computer running Outlook 2003 and it takes 2 minutes to start up. I've done all kinds of different suggestions that I've found online to try to fix this problem. I even went as far as to uninstall the 03 version and install the 2013 version and I still...
  7. Sarge USMC

    Outlook on a machine w/multiple LAN connections

    I have 2 active LAN connections on this machine for work. The customer Lan does not allow access to my pop/smtp. So I set the preferred network connection to be the one that does, but it's not working because Outlook is returning POP errors every time it checks for new mail. I can't get...