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    Outlook 2016 - controlling IMAP OST size with Group Policy not working

    Hi all, I'm trying the Slipstick Forum as this has been quite helpful in the past. Here goes... Our previous implementation of Office/Outlook 2013 in a 2008R2 RDS farm ran Outlook in online mode, and allowed users to add pop3, Exchange, or IMAP accounts. Even though we had Cached Exchange Mode...
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    Revert AutoArchive settings via GPO (Run Autoarchive every...)

    Hello Forum: In our Office 2010 GPOs, we have Enable AutoArchive set to Disabled, and Disable File|Archive set to Disabled, thus allowing our users to manually archive, but turning off the AutoArchive feature in Outlook 2010. In AutoArchive settings, all settings are grayed out, thus preventing...
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    Outlook 2010 creating extremely large PST files for IMAP accounts

    We are experiencing this issue when users are creating new IMAP accounts (i.e. Gmail) in Outlook 2010. There is already a pop3 account existing, that writes to a .PST file. This new IMAP account seems to "explode" the IMAP PST file (~25 - 50G in some cases) and eat up space on the server...
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    Change the default Archive location via GPO in Outlook 2010

    Hello forum, We are deploying Outlook as part of Office 2010 SP1 via a pre-configured MSP file. Everything works fine. We are disabling Auto-Archive via GPO, but are allowing "manual" archive. If a user logs in, and chooses to create an archive, they click File - Cleanup Tools -...
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    Can Outlook be launched with the /cleanreminders switch multiple times?

    We are planning a large migration of customers using Outlook 2007 in a Terminal Services 2003 environment. They will be connecting to new Windows 2008 RDS servers that have Office/Outlook 2010 SP1 installed. In our beta phase, we have noticed that some of the users are experiencing the...
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    Editing a .PRF file for new users after deploying Outlook 2010 with MSP

    Hello, I am researching an easy way to make a change to the current Outlook .PRF file that we have deployed to our Terminal Servers using an MSP created by the OCT. I used the "import PRF" option in the OCT, which looks like it packages the PRF within the MSP somehow, and then when the...