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  1. Travis Lloyd

    Messages Won't Display In Outlook 2019 Home & Business

    For some reason only 2 email messages will show in the Outlook 2019 Home & Business Inbox (this is not Office 365, by the way) and they don't have the "Date: Today", Date: Yesterday", "Date: Last Week", etc displayed in the bar in the upper left-hand corner where it's usually displayed. But the...
  2. Travis Lloyd

    Linking Outlook 2016 Desktop To POP3 Acc't On Android Phone

    I have a customer who uses the Outlook 2016 desktop app which syncs his email, calendar & contacts to his private POP3 email account on (this is not an account per se) via CompanionLink but I can't get it to in-turn sync with the Outlook app on his new Android phone. I...
  3. Travis Lloyd

    Will Outlook 2016 Desktop Sync-up With

    For years now all of my clients use Outlook (2010, 2013 & now 2016) on their desktop computers, have Android smartphones (none are interested in getting a Windows phone) and need to be able to see and update their calendars, email, etc either when they make an entry on their phones or on Outlook...