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    Exchange 2010 & mailbox database Quotas

    Hi I would like set a mailbox Quota & sen an issue warning quota. What i have done: In the console tree, expand Server Configuration, and then click Mailbox. In the result pane, select the server that contains the mailbox database for which i want to...
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    Trouble for sharing Calendar

    Hi everybody Actually i have EX2010 SP1 I have created a “resource” email box for meeting room. If people add the calendar of the resource it's working but they only see if the resource is "busy" or not, no more information. For users could know whom register...
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    Unable to send message with attachment

    Hi On a OWA client we have a trouble. When click on "send" button, we get a red alert on top : Unable to complete action. the element has been updated or on another computer or a mobile phone :confused: I really don't understand what is the problem. on this...
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    OWA 2010 Limited

    Hi everybody Actually we have just finish to migrate into Exchange 2010 With OWA with have a problem with few account they are in limited owa, last ie, chrome, change nothing thanks for your solutions