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  1. Horsepower

    Lost emails

    I have had an MSN email for over 20 years, and recently (about a year) changed to an iMac. I am using Outlook for Mac but have been using the MSN email on my iPhone for over 10 years with no issues. In July, I had a senior caregiving company send me email but it never came through and didn't go...
  2. Horsepower

    When I say it is not

    Sorry for a vague title, but everything else I tried was rejected. In Outlook for Mac and Outlook for iPhone, when I mark something "not junk" for several months, I expect the sender to be recognized but that does not happen?
  3. Horsepower

    What is best calendar practice for iMac

    I have new Outlook on whatever you call 365 home these days. The reminders are inconsistent. Perhaps because I am using both the onboard calendar pointed to live and my Outlook calendar pointed to live. I need to be able to set a snooze for a different time length. Sometimes I get a reminder...
  4. Horsepower

    Moving emails between folder Outlook for Mac

    I would like to see this capability as well as being able to edit the subject line as I did in Windows.
  5. Horsepower

    Contacts added from iPhone don't show up in Outlook

    But they show up in iPhone if added from Outlook. I used the apple mail app that comes native with iOS.
  6. Horsepower

    Office Outlook 365 home opens slower than a month ago

    Not sure why, I considered 64 bit. This is 32 bit, but lately it takes much longer to start. I have plenty of ram and processor. Perhaps the engine management vulnerability workaround is the culprit. Comments welcome.
  7. Horsepower

    Google says Outlook 2016 is not a secure app

    Got an email yesterday that said "Resolve 1 security issue" and I thought it was phishing, so I went directly to Gmail through Edge. It was suggested to "turn off" not secure apps, but that stopped Outlook from checking my Gmail account. Is this another browser/app/OS war ploy, or is there...
  8. Horsepower

    Outlook app for an individual

    It seems as though with Windows 10 and the recent changes, that I may not be making the best use of email by using my Outlook 365 home subscription. I will continue to subscribe, bu wonder if compatibility and response time would be better by using the web interface or Windows 10 mail. It seems...
  9. Horsepower

    Need iCloud mail only

    Trying to set up icloud mail only on Outlook Home 365 and it just loops. Only way out is to delete the account even when it is not set up. Please advise.
  10. Horsepower

    Changed behavior in Outlook 365 Home and Gmail account

    Within the last few months, when typing a new email in Outlook Gmail IMAP there is a hesitation between keystrokes and what shows on the screen. This does NOT happen on other accounts.
  11. Horsepower

    Where did Evenote come from?

    I have an Evernote icon on my ribbon in Outlook 365 Home. Where did it come from and how do I remove it? Thank you,
  12. Horsepower

    Duplicate RSS feeds

    I have retired from my job, and used to have my RSS feeds within the OWA folder, so I tried to move them to another email account folder. For whatever reason they weren't refreshing so I created new feeds. Now. every time I open Outlook 2016, they are duplicated under the account. I delete the...
  13. Horsepower

    How to restore default view Outlook 2013

    This morning I inadvertently click somewhere in the message list and it shrunk and diffused all message in all folders. How can I restore default VIEW? Thank you.
  14. Horsepower

    Setting appointments in calendar

    For the last week or so, my calendar (synced to a live account) will not allow me to create an appointment unless I uncheck and recheck the specific calendar. Then it works fine. This has me puzzled. Outlook 2013 32bit subscription, Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.
  15. Horsepower

    Upgrade advice needed

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2010. My time frame for Windows 8 is within the next 6 months, although I already have it on a different drive. I have 7 email accounts, 1 cloud for calendar and contacts interface with a windows phone (soon to be an iphone), 1 MSN through the...
  16. Horsepower

    Default calendar to receive email appointments

    After searching for my issue, it seems as though these new calendar appointment emails do not go to my live calendar, but to the pst calendar, even though the live calendar is the one I use. In previous meeting requests it seems as though they were sent so I could accept a specific appointment...
  17. Horsepower

    Now I'm REALLY upset

    For whatever reason, my phone (WM 6.1) started deleting messages from the server BEFORE I can even read them. I have been wanting a WM7 phone from Verizon, but they are dragging their feet. OK It's off my chest
  18. Horsepower

    Office11ShipAssert returned with WSE update

    OK Let's see how long it takes to go away.
  19. Horsepower

    Nagging Office11ShipAssert

    OK, what's the real cause of this error? I turned off all add-ins and after patch Tuesday it's getting it a dozen times a day.