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    Edit/Create Pen Not Working Outlook 2013

    Hi, I've added the edit/create PEN to my Outlook 2013 quick access toolbar. (WIN7 OS). It's not greyed-out and appears active, but when I'm in a new email or replying to an email, I click on the toolbar icon and the drawing function does not work. Any thoughts appreciated. Rgds, Chubs
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    search outlook 2013 folder using keyword identifiers

    Like most, I have many folders created in my Outlook 2013 that are personal folders. I have created a custom "Notes" field (text) that's great for sorting within these folders. I'd like to be able to 'search using the search bar 'F3 shortcut...but only search within the custom "Notes field I...
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    Increase Outlook 2013 message window row height

    Hi, I'd like to increase the height of my rows (same idea as with Excel rows) in the main view of Outlook 2013 without having to adjust the FONT size. Any thoughts on how this nay be accomplished? Thank you, Chubs
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    How to copy same text header to multiple emails with custom text column

    Hi, I created a custom "notes" column in Outlook 2013 to type short text accents about the email. Followed slapstick directions and works great. What I need help with: I have folders with hundreds of emails each; would like to copy "same" custom text description across all emails into just the...