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    All my mail in All mail not showing

    Using IMAP on the gmail system Outlook 2007 on two different computers. On my desktop unit I have all the mail that is in the All Mail folder (as well as on the iPad and iPhone). However on my laptop the last date of mail in All Mail is January 24. How can I catch up to current in All...
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    Saving Imap Drafts

    Outlook 2007 using IMAP. All email I save gets saved into the drafts folder in personal folders. Anyway to get to to save the appropriate drafts attached with the email account I using? That way I can have access to it no matter which computer I'm using. My workaround is to drag the email...
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    BCM Setup Problem

    I had BCM working fine with a previous installation on another HD. Then got it working on first install with this one. However after uninstall and reinstalling , I get the following error message: "Database creation was unsuccessful because you do not have a valid Microsoft Office 2007...
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    Retrieving old BCM data

    How can I retrieve (or import) old BCM data from another HD. I installed a new HD and I need the data and user defined fields. I have access to the old HD.
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    Outlook.pst problem

    Yesterday my hard drive started going south on me so I replaced and re-installed win 7 64 bit. I also re-installed Outlook 2007. All went fine smoothly until the next series of events. The newly created pst file I moved to another folder and just copied the original pst in its place. I...
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    Better funtionality for IMAP

    I love retrieving email via IMAP. I wish Outlook 2007 and 2010 would work better with IMAP. Microsoft should have incorporated how IMAP works within Outlook like it does with Windows Live Mail.
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    Creating New Contact Forms problem

    I am trying to create a custom contact form that suits my needs for real estate using Outlook 2007. In contacts I go to tools/forms/design a new form and I choose contacts. The option to choose a file name is grayed out. I do get a form to show up and I am able to create the form with the...
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    [SOLVED] Outlook BCM and Real Estate

    I am trying to use Outlook 2007's BCM for real estate. I need fields such as tax ID number (Folio) zoning, owner and property address, year built, sales info..etc. I can add those fields through the user defined options but how can I get them to become mappable fields when do an import? I...