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    Is it possible to convert address book to "Auto-Complete List" (NK2)?

    On one of our systems, I recently upgraded from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016. He did not keep up his address book, instead he just let the system collect the addresses, and he used the Auto-Complete List feature in Outlook to select his address. Through the upgrade, that list has somehow...
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    Newly created IMAP subfolders not showing up on email clients away from computer.

    I recently upgraded a computer to Outlook 2016. We use IMAP. When trying to create new subfolders, it appears in the list with the pre-existing subfolders on that email account. The problem I'm facing, the new subfolder doesn't appear on different email clients (Thunderbird, webmail, or iPhone)...
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    Outlook 2007 not sending/receiving until restart (send/receive stuck at __%)

    My boss is using Outlook 2007, and he's having an issue where his Outlook won't receive any new emails. Sometimes he'll notice that the send/receive get's stuck at __ % and just hangs. He can't retrieve any new emails unless he restarts Outlook. New emails will come in, and then later on he'll...