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    Contacts Sort Order

    I use Office 365 Home Premium (Windows 7 Pro) and I am frustrated by the following glitch in Outlook Contacts: In Options/People I have both “Default Full Name” and “Default File As” set to “First, Last”. When I add a new contact and enter first and last name directly into the “Full Name” box...
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    Search on Category in Outlook 2013

    When you want to search your mails by Category and you click on "Category" in the ribbon, you get a list of only about 15 categories. I use a lot more since this is the way I organise my mails in stead of separate folders. At the bottom of this list you have only two other options: Either "Any...
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    Default Font in Outlook 2013

    It's me and Outlook fonts again! I'm presently being hounded by a glitch that insists that my default font for new messages and notes in my contacts will be Times New Roman (Times). The best method to permanently set the default font is (with the cursor in the body of a new message) Format...
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    Point Size for Fonts in Custom Font Style (Outlook 2013)

    Dear Diane In an earlier thread on the fonts topic you correctly explained that the only functional permanent way to change the default heading and body fonts is along the route: New Email/ click in e-mail body/ Format Text/ Change Styles/ Fonts/... From this point you either choose one...
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    Outlook 2010 default font

    I cannot change the default font for new messages permanently. My choice will remain unchanged during a session, but when I restart Outlook the default has by itself changed back to Calibri 11pt. I do not use a theme. My choice (arial 11pt) will be "left alone" for forward & reply mails and for...