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    Can I create a local PST file for SPAM on a drive that is usually disconnected?

    Hello, I have tons of emails that is mostly spam. I would like to keep these as there may be some item I accidently miss filed or for some other statistical reasons. I have Outlook 2013 and have multiple PSTs for different email address for business and person use. I am familiar with creating a...
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    Looking to get the Recipient email address (or even the "friendly name") from an email I am replying to using VBA

    I am needing to get the email address that someone sent an email TO. I have come up with one method that seems to use a link but that link is no longer valid: Const PR_SMTP_ADDRESS As String ="" But I cannot find another way. My immediate...
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    Reply and replyall macro is not working

    I am trying to setup a macro so that every time I press reply or reply all, it will set the Send Replies to and then an address, but it is not firing at all. I have it in the ThisOutlookSession and other codes I have here are working. I have the security settings to allow ALL MACROS I have made...
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    When working on emails in a certain folder, when I hit reply or reply all, I would like it re always reply all and add an email address to send to

    I want to have it when ever I reply to emails that are in a certain folder, I would like to have it act as if I replied all, even if I only hit reply (mainly adding the email address that the email was sent TO to the sent,) and set the FROM to send from a certain email (again, this would be the...
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    Looking to filter (or just find/search) for only messages that the sender has sent more than 1 messa

    I am looking for a way to find ONLY messages that are UNREAD and the sender has MORE than 1 unread message. How can I do this? Would I need to create some VBA (if so, could you provide some idea as to HOW to do this?)or can this be done in the filter/search configuration. Thanks! Bruce
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    Wanting to run a script that will filter any body that has a russian link in it.

    I am getting tons of spam that has russion links in them and I want to create a script that will flag these and move them to a folder (either to be reviewed ar to delete, not sure yet, want to test its function first) I am thinks in some pseudo code that trips after other rules run, then then...
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    When I add more search strings to RULES, it is not processing them

    I am trying to create rules that process spam and I have built up a list of different strings and have been adding the to a rule. Now when I add more strings, it does not process the new strings. I thought, ok, there might be a max, so I create a NEW rule to add the new strings to, but it is...