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    Identify weekend from daily RecurrencePattern

    I'm parsing a RecurrencePattern object where the recurrence type is daily. If I'm understanding properly, the pattern Interval of 0 means that they only want weekdays. Is that correct? If so, how do I identify which days are weekday? I know in the calendar options page there are...
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    What's the appointment ribbon called?

    I've created an Outlook 2010 add-in that includes an Outlook Form Region. I only want my region usable if the BusyStatus is set to Out of Office, so my thought was to get a pointer to the ribbon and then add some type of OnChange to the "Show As" drop-down that enabled/disabled my form...
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    Property pages in Outlook 2010

    In my Office 2007 add-ins I'd add a property page like this: Application.OptionsPagesAdd += OptionsPagesAdd; and then add my UserControl to the pages variable passed in. With Outlook 2010 I set a breakpoint in OptionsPagesAdd and when I go to File->Options inside of Outlook that...