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    Create a Task by Draft-EMail > Task+Reminder not Working

    Hi Outlook-Forums-Users, i am searching for an Workaround to creating an task by email-item in Outlook (2010/2013) in draft-mode befor sending! The .MarkAsTask option works after sending an email. I need a workaround to set a reminder for the sender and not for the recipients bevor sending. Do...
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    Select one of Contact-Mailadesses to Export > Excel or Winword

    Hi, i need help for an VBA-Script in Outlook 2010. I find no Contactfield in VBA Contact.Item exists to export the currentitem selected Mailadress of an Outlook Contactform to Export > WinWord or Excel. Is there any way to an Diaolog to select or pic up one of the 3 Mailadresses of an...