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    Edit email message

    Thanks.. Is there any possibility to disable send button programmatically by using c#.
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    Edit email message

    Hi.. Thanks for your reply, Sorry I didn't understand ur points Please explain me little bit more.
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    Edit email message

    Hi all, I have developed outlook addin which contains the custom ribbon which mimic the default send button with some additional task.Now my problem here is both the send and custom ribbon control is available .I need to remove/disable the default send button from the outlook compose...
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    Edit email message

    Hello, I need to edit the outlook email message When I fire an action through coding. Like Message->other actions->edit Message. Can you help me to edit the message.
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    enable textboxes and buttons from received email

    I am trying to send an email as HTML format consist of text boxes and buttons. I cant view those buttons and text fields, Can you help me how to display the HTML content in outlook. Thanks in Advance
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    Microsoft outlook security notice

    I send an email using vbscript as HTML format consist of hyperlink via outlook object. I receive a mail with one hyperlink.The hyperlink url is the vbscript function call. When click the Hyperlink from the microsoft outlook received email the following security notice will be appeared. "The...