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    active/passive broadband connections to maintain various IT services

    plan to buy a firewall support active and passive internet connections, when active internet connection down, will failover to passive internet connection automatically, when active internet connection back on, will rollback to active internet connection automatically. Found a sonicwall should...
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    Include additional contact folders in user's Outlook Address Book centrally by

    User's Outlook address book normally included Global Address List and user's contact folder only, to include addtional contact folders (e.g. contact folders from public folder), need to right-click on each contact folders, select properties, goto Outlook Address Book tab, tick the option to...
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    outlook 2003 always not remove temp copy of opened attachments in temporary fo

    When outlook 2003 open an attachment, a temp copy of opened attachments will stored in temporary folder, when attachment closed, Outlook will remove the temp copy automatically, but my Outlook not remove automatically, any ideas? Thx!
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    problem of add replicate of ex2k public folder to ex07

    Dear all 1. In ex07 public folder management console, added replicate of some ex2k public folders to ex07 2. After a few days, in ex07 public folder management console, double click those public folders, check their "Total items" and "Size(KB)" against actual total items and size exists on...