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    New profile, Cannot Move the items

    I created a new profile and added a new IMAP account email. When I drag items from the existing one to the new one I get the message "Cannot move the items. Cannot move or copy foders. Cannot move folder...." Then I removed the older one thinking the new one would just synch on it's own. But...
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    Tasks are handled through email but deleted email removes task history?

    Exchange (maybe): I assign a task to Valerie and link to a contact Mary in the contact linking field for that task. Valerie receives the task as piggybacked into an email and then accepts the task, sent back to me also piggybacked in an email. If I want to keep the task history, do I...
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    Changed Message class; forms with data resist.

    Outlook 2007 w/Exchange. Have a client that created and published an IPM.Contact.Contact form years ago with many custom fields. After lengthy discussion we decided to return to standard form. I ran a VBA routine to change all the message classes back to IPM.Contact (in Public Folder...