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    Button PDF in Outlook Contact custom form

    Hi. I am personalising my Outlook contact using the feature embedded inside it (Developer tab, etc.). The Outlook contact is now customised, but I need the following feature: add a button on it that will create a Word document with the name, full address of the Contact. In other words, the Word...
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    Outlook 2016 64bit - on receipt convert emails into PDF and save

    Hi, I could not find a VBA for this. Is there a way to convert received emails, as they are received, into PDF and save the PDF into a defined folder in the computer hard disk? This should work as a rule, only for selected emails (depending who is the sender). Any advice is welcome :-)
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    Import Office theme .thmx

    Hi! I created a Theme in Microsoft Word 2013 and saved the configuration file .thmx to the hard drive. Is there any way to import this .thmx file into another PC so the colour scheme would be the same in the two computers? Any advice is welcome! :-) Microsoft Outlook 2013 64 bit Windows 10...
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    Print Automatically Attachments

    Hi! I use Outlook 2013 64 bit standalone with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Up to now, when I receive pdf invoices in a certain email account, I need to open the email and print them manually. There is the usual Rules settings into Outlook 2013 that will print all the pdf files attached to...