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  1. divan

    VbaProject: Changing email format

    Hi I need a script that can do the following: Original Email Email Subject: Movement Alarm 555 Email Body: Unit: 0 Version:03.091 Continuous Movement Back Office Zone 3 2015/01/20 @ 07h15 ___________________________________________ Altered email after script was processed: Email Subject...
  2. divan

    Outlook 2007 - Replace email body with custom text

    I have a rule to run a script upon receiving email from a specific account. The script takes the email body and place it in my subject (placing my subject with body) Now I want the script to remove or clear the email body before it forwards it to the email recipient, I want it to be black or...
  3. divan

    Macro to format email in a certain folder then forward to email address

    Hi I want a rule or a macro that enables me to do the following: I receive a email from I then want to change the subject of the email to the body of the email than forward the email to I can currently change the subject - BUT it changes ALL my INBOX...