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  1. Christopher M ( CMAR606 )

    Outlook 2010 IMAP issues

    Hello, I use AOL for email and when I drag an email to a folder it shows the email in the folder in Outlook but when you go to that email is not there? So I dont know how many emails ive lost that I thought was going into the folders I was putting them in and just so happen to go...
  2. Christopher M ( CMAR606 )

    Rules Fail?

    Hello, I have 3 imap accounts set up in Outlook 2010. AOL my main email address, Yahoo, and Gmail. I only use GMAIL for Youtube stuff. Yahoo is for everything that AOL Might block out. Yall know how they are Lol. Anyways I have rules set up when mail from GMAIL ACCOUNT comes in.. MOVE...