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    Outlook 2016 is killing me vol.2

    Simple task. Open new explorer and hide navigation pane. Dim Expl1 As Outlook.Explorer: Set Expl1 = Explorers.Add(folder, olFolderDisplayNoNavigation) Outlok 2010 did it without problems, 2016 crashes Outlook. olFolderDisplayFolderOnly works without crashing Outlook. So I tried ... Dim...
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    ItemChange event

    Hi. I have a problem with events NewInspector and ItemChange. In first event a copy, of contact being opened, is created. This copy is then moved to backup folder. The second event is triggered right after the first one, probably because of a copy created in first event. But, if I run first...
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    Outlook 2016 is killing me with object.links

    Hello. I had to migrate my simple CRM code to Outlook 2016. Code was written in OL2010. I my code, I am depending on linking contacts (in OL2016 I had to enable this function thru registry), and retrieving information from linked contacts. But something changed in OL2016. In 2010 version, I...
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    Storing userproperties to array

    Hello. I am trying to record all values on contact open event and save them to array. I have two arrays. cData, which will store data from object objContact and pName which already stores names of custom fields in contact. If I type cData(i) = objContact.UserProperties("(040) ID person") ...