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    Dynamically add recipients using combobox and checkbox?????

    I hope that posting two posts in one night is not a faux-pas in this online community. I do appreciate any and all help that I receive from this bright and wonderful forum! On to my dilemma... As my title suggests, I am trying to dynamically add recipients to my "To" field (I...
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    Custom property/functionality not stored when I publish to a Public Folder

    Hello and good evening! On my form I have one checkbox ("CheckBox5") with value "Setup Required" in a yes/no format. I then have a frame ("setupNEEDS1") with other checkboxes and textboxes inside. The frame "setupNEEDS1" starts invisible, and with the code below it becomes visible upon...
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    Can I link custom designed forms to a specific calendar?

    Hello, I am designing a custom form (made from a meeting request template) for users/employees to reserve specific rooms and equipment for meetings in our building. I would like users to be able to fill out the form with rooms and equipment (which are resource mailboxes in Exchange), as...
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    Creating a Reservation Calendar for small business

    I have been put in charge of creating a reservation tool for a small-business-sized graduate school. The administration wants faculty to be able to reserve certain rooms as well as various equipment (projectors, screens, etc.) I've decided to use Outlook as it serves as our central...